GPSC Syllabus 2023 (Hindi/Gujarati) Pdf Download for Pre & Mains Exam

GPSC Syllabus 2023 – Get GPSC Pre & Mains Exam Syllabus pdf in Hindi/English/Gujarati. Download GPSC 2023 Syllabus pdf & Exam Pattern For Pre & Mains Exam. Check detailed Gujarat GPSC Syllabus and Exam Pattern for Pre, Mains & Interview Exam. Download Syllabus Of GPSC Exam, Important Books & Old Papers Here. has made available GPSC Pre Mains Syllabus on its official website but our visitors need not to go anywhere as we have gathered complete GPSC Syllabus on this single page.

Hey guys Wishes Good Luck For All The Candidates who are preparing for GPSC Exam 2023. Candidates Can Check detailed GPSC Syllabus Exam Pattern for exam of GPSC. We have uploaded all the latest and the exact GPSC Syllabus and GPSC Exam Pattern. Aspirants can also get the GPSC Previous Year Question Papers PDF link in the below sections. Therefore, all the candidates can easily and freely download GPSC Syllabus pdf by clicking that link.

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GPSC Syllabus For Pre & Mains Exam Download Pdf in (Hindi/Gujarati)

Organization Name – Gujarat Public Service Commission
Website –
Post Name – State Service Exam
Total No. Of Posts – to be notified soon
Pay Scale – Grade Pay 5400
Job Location – Gujarat
Last Date – Notified Soon
Exam Date – Notified Soon
Admit Card – Notified Soon
Answer Key – Available Soon
Result Date – Available Soon

GPSC Syllabus: Selection Process

The Combined Competitive Examination will be held in the following successive stages.

(i) Preliminary Examination (Objective Type) – 2 Paper – 200 Marks Each
(ii) Main Examination (Descriptive Type) – 6 Papers – 150 Marks Each
(iii) Personality and viva-voce Examination – 100 marks

Total Marks Mains+Interview = 900+100 = 1000

Gujarat GPSC Syllabus 2023 pdf

can be divided into two parts:

Syllabus of GPSC Pre Exam
Syllabus of GPSC Mains Exam

GPSC Syllabus For Pre Exam

GPSC Pre Exam Pattern

Paper Name Question Marks Time
General Studies-I 200 200 03 Hours
General Studies-II 200 200 03 Hours
Total 400 400
Note– Negative Marking will be of 1/3 Marks

1 – The exam will be Offline Objective Type. परीक्षा ऑफलाइन वस्तुनिष्ठ प्रकार की होगी।
2 – There will be 2 papers in GPSC Pre Exam. प्री परीक्षा में 2 पेपर होंगे।
3 – Each Question Paper will consist 200 Questions. प्रत्येक प्रश्न पत्र में 200 प्रश्न होंगे।
4 – 1st Paper will be of General Studies 1st. पहला पेपर सामान्य अध्ययन 1 का होगा I
5 – 2nd Paper is will be of General Studies 2nd. दूसरा पेपर जनरल स्टडीज 2 का होगा
6 – Each question carries 01 Marks So paper will be of total 200 marks each.(Total 400) प्रत्येक प्रश्न में 01 अंक होते हैं इसलिए पेपर कुल 200 अंकों का होगा। (कुल 400)
7 – Time duration of exam will be given 03 Hours for Each paper. परीक्षा की समय अवधि प्रत्येक पेपर के लिए 03 घंटे दी जाएगी।
8 – Negative Marking will be of 1/3 Marks. निगेटिव मार्किंग 1/3 अंकों की होगी।
9 – Candidate who qualified written exam will be called for Mains Exam.

Phase I GPSC Pre Syllabus

Paper 1:

Cultural Heritage
Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International Relations
Mental Ability

Paper -2 :

Indian Economy and Planning
Science and Technology
Current events of regional, national and international importance

Download GPSC Pre Exam Syllabus pdf in Hindi/Gujarati/English

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GPSC Syllabus For Mains Exam

GPSC Mains Exam Pattern

Paper Subject Marks
1st Gujarati 150
2nd English 150
Question Marks Word Limit
3rd Essay 3 50 800 150
4th GS-1 History, Culture, Geography 10 5 60 to 70 150
10 10 130 to 140
5th GS-2 Polity, Public Administration, Ethics 10 5 60 to 70 150
10 10 130 to 140
6th Gs-3 Science, Economy, Current Events 10 5 60 to 70 150
10 10 130 to 140
Total 900

Phase II GPSC Mains Exam Syllabus

GPSC Syllabus For Mains Exam Gujarati (Paper 1)

માધ્યમ: ગુજરાતી ગુણ – ૧૫૦ સમય-૩ કલાક
અભ્યાસક્રમની વિગત ફાળવાયેલ ગુણ
નિબંધ : (ઓછામાં ઓછા ૨૫૦ વધુમાં વધુ ૩૦૦ શબ્દોમા) ૨૦
વિચાર વિસ્તાર (આશરે ૧૦૦ થી ૧૫૦ શબ્દોમાં) ૧૦
સંક્ષેપીકરણ : ૧/૩ ભાગમાં તમારા શબ્દોમાં સંક્ષેપ ૧૦
ગધસમીક્ષા ૧૦
ઔપચારિક ભાષણો તૈયાર કરવા (આશરે ૧૫૦ શબ્દોમાં) ૧૦
પ્રચાર માધ્યમો માટે નિવેદનો તૈયાર કરવા (આશરે ૧૫૦ શબ્દોમા) ૧૦
પત્રલેખન (આશરે ૧૫૦ શબ્દોમાં) ૧૦
ચચાર્પત્ર (આશરે ૧૫૦ શબ્દોમાં) ૧૦
દ્રશ્ય આલેખન (ચિત્ર પરથી લખાણ આશરે ૧૫૦ શબ્દોમાં) ૧૦
અહેવાલ લેખન (આશરે ૧૫૦ શબ્દોમાં) ૧૦
સંવાદકૌશલ્ય : બે વ્યિક્તઓ વચ્ચે સંવાદ (આશરે ૧૫૦ શબ્દોમાં) ૧૦
સંભાષાંતર : અંગ્રેજીમાંથી ગુજરાતીમાં અનુવાદ ૧૦
ગુજરાતી વ્યાકરણ સૂચવ્યા મુજબ જવાબ લખો. ૨૦
કુલ : ૧૫૦

GPSC Syllabus For English (Paper 2)

Medium – English Total Marks – 150 Time – 03 Hours
Topic Allotted Marks
Essay (between 250 words to 300 words) 20
Letter Writing (about 150 words) 10
Press Release/ Appeal (about 150 words) 10
Report Writing (about 150 words) 15
Writing on Visual Information (about 150 words) 15
Formal Speech (about 150 words) 15
Precis Writing (300 Word to 100 Words) 15
Reading Comprehension 15
Grammar 20
Translation Gujarati to English 15
Total 150

Syllabus Of GPSC Mains Exam Essay (Paper 3)

Marks – 150 
Medium – English/Gujarati 
Time – 3 hours

i. current affairs

ii. socio- political issues

iii. socio economic issues

iv. soci- environmental issues

v. cultural and historical aspects

vi. issues related to civic awareness

vii. reflective topics

GPSC Mains Syllabus For General studies I (Paper 4)

Marks – 150
Medium – English/Gujarati
Time – 3 hours

(A) History of India :

1 Indus Valley Civilization in India and important excavated sites – It’s salient features.
2 The Vedic times, Jainism and Buddhism. The Nanda Dynasty.
3 Foreign invasions on India and their impact.
4 Important Dynasties of Ancient India with special reference to the Mauryas, the Sungas, The Satvahanas,The Kushanas, The Guptas, The Chalukyas, The Rashtrakuts, Vijaynagar Empire, Pallavas and Cholas- their administration, art, architecture, literature, science and technology.
5 Educational institutions. Takshshila, Nalanda and Vallabhi.
6 Historical accounts of the Foreign Travelers.
7 Harshvardhana and his times. His relations with Gujarat.
8 The Rajput period, the Solankis of Gujarat, Invasions of Gazani and Ghori.
9 The Delhi Sultanate from 1206 to 1526.
10 The Bhakti Movement and Sufism.
11 The Mughal Empire from 1526 to 1707.
12 The rise and fall of the Maratha Empire.
13 The advent of the Europeans in India. Establishment and expansion of British rule in India from 1757 to 1856. Land Revenue Settlement. Permanent Settlement. Ryotwari and Mahalvari.
14 Indian war of Independence of 1857 and Queen Victoria’s Proclamation.
15 Religious and social reform movements in 19th Century in India and Gujarat.
16 Factors responsible for the rise of Indian Nationalism. Activities of Indian National Congress from 1885 to 1920.
17 Rise of Mahatma Gandhi on National Horizon, impact of his thoughts, principles and philosophy on political, social, economic, religious and cultural life of India.
18 The Role of Sardar Patel in freedom movement and post-independence consolidation.
19 Indian Revolutionaries in India and abroad, Indian National Army and Subhash Chandra Bose.
20 Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, his life and contribution to making of Indian Constitution.
21 India after Independence – Reorganization of the States within the country, Maha Gujarat Movement, Major events.

(B) Cultural Heritage

1 Indian Culture and its Salient aspects of Art forms, Literature, Architecture and Sculpture from Ancient to Modern times; Salient features of Indian Society, Diversity of India.
2 Art and Craft of Gujarat: Socio-Cultural contribution.
3 Socio-Cultural context of the performance of Gujarati “BHAVAI’.
4 Gujarat’s Folk Culture and Oral Tradition: Its Importance, Peculiarities and Impact.
5 Influence of Indian Cinema and Theatre on Society.
6 Gandhian thoughts and its relevance.
7 Culture of coastal area of Gujarat, Tribal Culture.
8 Gujarati Female litterateurs 

(C) Geography

1 Physical Features and Resources: India and Gujarat: Major landforms-climate, soil,rivers, vegetation; Major resources-Land, soil, rocks, minerals, water and vegetation resources.
2 Economic Activities: Primary- agriculture, livestock, forestry, fisheries, quarrying and mining; Secondary-Household industry, manufacturing industry; Tertiary-Trade,commerce, Transport, Communication and storage, other services; Quaternary activities-Factors of Localization of economic activities, issues and problems.
3 Social and demographic: population distribution, density, age-sex composition, growth,Rural-urban composition, Race, Tribe, SC composition, religion, language, literacy,education characteristics. Migration-urbanisation, population policies and issues.
4 Developmental and Environmental issues, Sustainable development, Globalization process, impact on society and economy, Smart Cities and solutions. Natural hazards-Earthquakes, landslides, cyclones, cloud burst, Tsunamis, drought, flood, climate change, carbon emission, Pollution-hazard management.

UGC NET Syllabus 2023

Syllabus Of GPSC Mains Exam For General studies II (Paper 5)

Marks – 150
Medium – English/Gujarati
Time – 3 hours

(A) Indian Polity and Constitution:

1 Indian Constitution and its salient features.
2 Functions and duties of the Indian Union and the State Governments.
3 Issues and challenges pertaining to the Federal structure – Role of Governor in States.
4 Distribution of powers between the Union and States (Union list, State list and Concurrent list) – Issues and challenges.
5 Rural and Urban Local Governance under 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendment.
6 Constitutional Authorities and their Role.
7 Parliament and State Legislatures – structure, functioning, conduct of business, powers & privileges and issues arising out of these.
8 Judiciary in India – Structure and functions, important provisions relating to emergency and constitutional amendments, judicial review, Public Interest Litigation.

(B) Public Administration and Governance:

1 Meaning, Nature and Scope of Public Administration – Evolution in India – Administrative ideas in Kautilya’s Arthashastra; Mughal administration; Legacy of British rule.
2 Role of Civil Services in Democracy.
3 Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues and problems of implementation.
4 Development processes – the role of civil society, NGOs and other stakeholders.
5 Statutory, regulatory and various quasi-judicial authorities.
6 Good governance and e-governance- Transparency, accountability and responsiveness in governance – Citizen’s Charter. RTI, Public Service Act and their implications, Concept of Social Audit and its importance.

(C) Ethics in Public Service:

1 Ethics and Human Interface: Essence, determinants and consequences of Ethics in human behavior; dimensions of ethics; ethics in private and public relationships, ethics, integrity and accountability in public service – RTI, Public Service Act and its implications.
2 Attitude: content, functions; its influence and relation with thought and behavior; moral and political attitudes; role of social influence and persuasion.
3 Emotional intelligence – concept, utilities and application in administration and governance.
4 Human Values – role of family, society and educational institutions in imparting values to citizens.
5 Issues and challenges in ethics – Corruption, Lok Pal, Lok Ayukta.
6 Case studies in the above areas (i.e. 15 to 19)

CTET Syllabus 2023 Paper 1 & 2

GPSC Mains Syllabus For General studies III (Paper 6)

Marks – 150
Medium – English/Gujarati
Time – 3 hours

(A) Science & Technology
(B) Indian Economy and Planning
(C) Current Events of Regional, National and International Importance.

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GPSC Exam 2023 Important Dates

Starting Date – Notified Soon
Last Date – Notified Soon
Admit Card Release Date – Notified Soon
Prelims Exam Date – Notified Soon
Mains Exam Date – Notified Soon
Personality Test Date – Notified Soon
Result Date Of GPSC Prelims Exam – Notified Soon
Result Date Of GPSC Mains Exam – Notified Soon
Final result – Notified Soon

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